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 Testimonials: London Accident Claims Management

I was delighted with the speed, professionalism and friendliness of the team handling my claim following my car crash. I suffered whiplash injuries and was very pleased with my fast settlement.

Mrs C Bromsgrove, Greenwich


Thank you for your help claiming compensation for the injury I had when involved in a traffic accident. I was hit from behind in my car causing me to hit the car in front. My children were in the car and it was very frightening. As you promised I received all the compensation and the service I received was excellent. I hope I don’t need to claim in the future, but I would use you again and recommend you.

Mr B Khan, Eastham


I was told by my employer whilst using a lathe at work I did not need to wear safety goggles, there were also none on site. A piece of steel came off the machinery hitting me in the eye. The London Accident Claims Management dealt with my claim for compensation. I received a very fast payment within four months. I would like to thank all the staff for their help.

Miss D Shepherd, Essex


I was injured on a bus when the seat came lose injuring myself as I was thrown forward. The staff at the London Accident Claims Management were very helpful and kind. I would highly recommend them.

Mrs G Patel, Islington


I had an accident at work when a very large, heavy metal gate fell on my shoulder. The pin holding it in place had completely rusted through. I suffered a severe shoulder injury, and needed physiotherapy, my injury lasted for several months. I would like to thank the London Accident Claims Management for all their help in dealing with my claim for compensation, I received an excellent service and would highly recommend them.

Mr P Tooley, Tottenham


I was working in a walk in container loading parcels. As I closed the door which was faulty, the door sprang open and a metal bar hit me causing facial injuries and knocking out five teeth. I decided to claim for my injuries through the London Accident Claims Management. I have been very pleased with the level of service and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mr P Sheriton, Dagenham

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