Supermarket Accident – Making a Claim

Have you been out shopping in your local supermarket and had an accident that could have been avoided? Perhaps you slipped or tripped unexpectedly when there should have been a warning sign up, or perhaps a badly constructed display in the supermarket fell down on you?

Whatever the cause, you could be able to make a supermarket accident claim. It sounds like a scary and alien proposition to most people, but with the advice you receive from London Accident Claims and our team of specialist personal injury lawyers, you will be informed at every step of the accident claims process, so it needn’t be confusing.

Every supermarket has a duty of care to their customers, which is applicable as soon as they enter the shop. If you have an accident while within their premises, the supermarket may be liable, and open to a compensation claim, depending upon the individual circumstances.

Slipping Accidents

Slipped over and injured yourself in the supermarket? Whether it was due to a puddle of water, spilt liquids or food, such as loose grapes that had fallen on the floor, it is the supermarket’s responsibility to ensure warning signs are put up, and that the mess is cleared up immediately to prevent accidents occurring. Signs and clearing spillages are part of the supermarket’s responsibility to your safety and, if signs are missing, or spillages are left, this negligence by the supermarket could be cause for an accident compensation claim.

Trips or Falls

Tripped over while doing your weekly shop at your local supermarket? If you’ve tripped over boxes, pallets or other obstacles left on the shop floor and suffered an injury, you should give London Accident Claims a call to talk about making a compensation claim.

Falling Displays

Have you been hit by unstable supermarket displays or hanging signs that have fallen down? As with slips and trips, the supermarket or retailer may be responsible for your accident, and therefore may have to pay you compensation if you suffered an injury as a result. Calling London Accident Claims could help determine if you have a compensation claim, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Food Poisoning

Although a difficult situation to prove, if you believe that food purchased from a supermarket is still within its sell-by date, or food eaten in a restaurant or cafe has caused you to develop food poisoning, you could make a claim against the supermarket or the eatery.

What to do if you have an accident in a supermarket

If you have an accident at the supermarket or in its car park, the immediate course of action should be to report the incident to a duty manager and fill out an accident report form. After that, it’s important to try and speak to any witnesses and get their names and phone numbers, in case they need to be spoken to about your claim in the future.

Taking photos and making a note of the situation that caused the supermarket accident, such as the wet floor, pot hole in the car park or the broken sign, should be done to provide evidence and will increase the chance of success of your no win no fee compensation claim.

Whatever the situation, and however the supermarket accident happened, it is always worth giving London Accident Claims a call to discuss the possibility of compensation. We can talk about your particular circumstances and the possibility of success of a no win no fee compensation claim. You will then be passed on to one of our specialist solicitors, who can further discuss the compensation process.

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