Slipped Whilst Shopping? – Making A Claim

Just like any other occupier of premises, a shop owner or shopkeeper – and this includes an owner of a big supermarket – owes you a duty of care to take all reasonably practical steps to ensure your safety when you are on the premises. It is their responsibility to ensure slips and trips are prevented.

Typically, this will mean that individual steps have to be well lit and clearly visible and that staircases have to be in good condition and free for obstacles and slippery surfaces, with handrails where needed. Floors have to be kept clean and clear of obstacles likely to trip you, and free of spillages likely to make you slip. Goods have to be safely stacked.

Making a claim after a retail accident

If you slip over in a shop and injured yourself, you may well have a good claim for compensation. If possible try and get some witness evidence about how long the hazard had been on the floor or stairs before your accident. The longer it was there, the more likely your claim is to succeed.

The shop owner may have a defence if the staff have a system to regularly check and clean up spillages, and this had been carried out properly, shortly before your accident. Written records of this type of cleaning system are often kept by larger supermarkets. Your solicitor will be able to check this out to see if this has all been done correctly.

If you think you could make a claim for a retail accident, call our free phone number or make a claim online.

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