Professional Negligence Claim

Professional negligence can have financial and emotional repercussions on an individual’s life – and if you’ve suffered from a personal injury caused by an accident, it can be doubly distressing.

If you’re in the middle of a personal injury claim but you feel your solicitor has been negligent, we may be able to help. Start your professional negligence claim by completing the online claim form.

What is professional negligence?

Solicitors owe their clients a duty of care, meaning they have to provide their legal services with skill and diligence. To prove that you have been a victim of professional negligence, you have to show that they breached this duty of care.

This involves proving their standard of care was not as high as you would reasonably expect – for example, if your solicitor does not set a time frame for making your injury claim or gives you inaccurate advice.

To successfully make a claim for professional negligence, you have to prove that you are worse off than you may have been if they had upheld their duty of care.

If you are disappointed with the outcome of your personal injury case, this does not necessarily mean that you’ve been a victim of professional negligence.

Making a professional negligence claim

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