Causes of office accidents

Office injury claims tend to arise as a result of inadequate workstations and seating arrangements or due to faulty equipment or appliances. If you’ve suffered from an office injury, it is worth investigating whether you can claim for office injury compensation – in particular if the injury has caused you to take time off work and lose out on earnings.

Office injuries could include:

  • Repetitive strain injury – Bad ergonomic planning in the office can lead to this long-term injury, usually caused by typing
  • Tripping over – Trailing wires not tidied up correctly or other walkway obstacles can lead to a trip
  • Slipping over – Wet floors and icy courtyards that haven’t been gritted can cause considerable injury and broken bones if someone slips on them
  • Electric Shocks – Usually caused as a result of faulty equipment and untested electronics, these can lead to particularly nasty injuries
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Can occur if there are broken appliances that burn fuel, such as gas boilers. Usually the gas is disposed of safely but leaks can occur and poison those in the vicinity Back Injuries – If a job involves lifting heavy boxes or other weighty objects the employee would need to be fully instructed of how to lift properly. If not, and an injury occurs, the employer is at fault.

Claiming compensation following an office injury

In any office accident case, you shouldn’t be afraid to make a claim for injury compensation against an employer. They should have insurance to cover them against compensation claimed by any employee. It’s also important to know that, by law, your employment cannot be terminated as a result of an office accident claim.

A personal injury claim can arise if an employer has failed in a duty owed to an employee to comply with safety regulations. Compensation may well be recoverable for such a claim if the employer has failed to take all practical steps to ensure safe working practices and a safe workplace, and it can be proved that the employee has been injured as a result of this failure.

Remember – by making an office injury claim, you may prevent the same accident happening to someone else in your office in the future.

London Accident Claims specialises in office accident claims. We appreciate that it can be a delicate matter claiming against an employer, but remember that it is illegal to dismiss an employer on this basis. If you are thinking of claiming, or even if you just want advice, give us a call or fill in our online Claim Form. You will receive 100% of the compensation as we operate through the “no win no fee” system of compensation.

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