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No Win No Fee Specialist Solicitors

No Win No Fee agreement if it’s suitable for your circumstances. Prior to the introduction of no win no fee agreements, legal aid was available to help people pursue justice in court if they were unable to afford the associated legal costs. Now that legal aid is no longer available for most types of claim, no win no fee solicitors have become hugely popular as an easy way for personal injury victims to gain access to justice. No win no fee agreements mean free solicitor advice is readily available for everyone, no matter what their financial situation. Our No Win No Fee system has evolved in the UK.

Can I make a No Win No Fee Claim?

Your lawyer has a duty to find out what the most suitable way for each individual to pursue their claim is. You may already have some legal expenses insurance, or other help to cover legal charges. If you do not have any other suitable method available, your lawyer may be able to use a no win no fee claim agreement to help you.

No Win No Fee Agreements

Under this type of agreement, your lawyer will only receive payment if you win your case and compensation is awarded. In this case the lawyer’s payment will usually be recovered from the other party meaning you receive 100% of the compensation. This means that the lawyers will only take on cases they believe will result in a successful claim. This saves you time and effort of starting a claim that you have little chance of winning.

Our legally trained call handling team have an in-depth knowledge of the claim process and will be able to quickly ascertain whether we can help you. If so, you could be speaking to your specialist personal injury solicitor within minutes.

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