Public Injury – Making A Claim

We are the London experts in claiming compensation for slips and trips. Public injuries are often the result of slips and trips on pavements. However, public injury claims can be made for a variety of injuries. For example, compensation can be claimed for injuries from slipping on ice or debris, such as courtyards of restaurants or office buildings, where it is someone else’s responsibility to keep the area safe.

Claiming public injury compensation

If you have an accident in public, you will only be able to claim for public injury compensation if you can establish certain facts. Firstly, you will need to show that some person or authority had a duty of care in that situation – a duty to take care for your safety.

You will also need to establish that this duty has been broken. For example, leaving something dangerous in a position where it was likely to cause an injury to someone coming into contact with it would be a breach of that duty of care.

Can I claim?

Local authorities, highway authorities, occupiers of premises, drivers, employers and even fellow employees owe a duty of care for the safety of people who could be injured by their negligence or carelessness. Each of these duties is different, so different defences are available to the various types of injury compensation claims.

It is always important to check that the person you are claiming against has the insurance or the money to pay your public injury compensation.

Claiming compensation with London Accident Claims

Our personal injury solicitors are experienced in all aspects of making compensation claims, whether you have been injured in a public accident, at work or on the roads. So call London Accident Claims to be put in touch with an independent specialist or claim online for compensation.

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