Are you suffering, or have you suffered from, a head or brain injury?

Brain injuries can range from a mild concussion or be so severe that they cause death. After a head or brain injury, it is important to consider all your options, including making a claim for compensation, as financial implications such as time off work, losing your job and paying for recovery treatments for your brain injury can be quite a burden, especially if you are in a weakened and vulnerable state.

Causes of Head and Brain Injury

An injury to your brain or skull could occur in any number of ways, but most often they are caused by road traffic accidents. The impact of hitting or being hit by another car can force your head to move in unnatural ways.

This, coupled with the often violent and abrupt way your head is then stopped by an airbag or other part of the car, can cause tremendous trauma to your head and brain. Even if your head appears unharmed, your brain may have sustained an internal injury.

A road accident can be even worse if you’re a cyclist, as you have less protection from vehicles and the road, leaving you vulnerable to more severe head injuries. It’s essential, as a bike rider, to always wear protective clothing, including a helmet, to try and limit the likelihood of sustaining a head or brain injury.

There are other ways that a head injury could occur, affecting your skull or brain. Broken pavements or paving slabs can cause a fall or trip and can result in impact to the head. Injury can be caused by an assault, or even through medical negligence.

Preventing Head Injuries

To try and counter these potential brain injury risks, it is always important to be careful when out and about, looking around for hazardous pavements and reporting them to the council. It can be difficult, though, to be prepared for the unlikely chance of an assault or medical negligence.

The possibility of head injury is increased if you work in an environment or spend a lot of time in an area where the danger of falling machinery, tripping over, or falling down is high, as this can put you at greater risk of being hit or suffering an accident which results in a head injury.

These environments might include construction sites, garden landscapes or farms, so ensure you’re always wearing the correct safety equipment. If you’ve suffered a brain injury because you weren’t provided with safety equipment or clothing then your employer could be liable for a head injury claim against them.

A brain or skull injury could include, skull fractures, scalp lacerations, hematomas, haemorrhaging (intracranial haemorrhaging), cerebral contusion, concussion, dementia pugilistica (or boxer’s syndrome) or shaken baby syndrome.

After a brain or head injury, the side effects can be long-lasting and include memory loss, physical disability, mental disability, fatigue, loss of concentration and brain damage.

Rehabilitation and hospital care are very important for effective recovery, and this is often only possible if you have enough money to pay for care and treatment. This is why making a head injury compensation claim is so important.

With complex claims such as these, early intervention is important as it enables us, in appropriate cases, to obtain interim payments from the Defendant. Interim payments can make a real difference by providing the funds for private rehabilitation, re-housing the implementation of a care and case management regime and the provision of continuing rehabilitation post-discharge. We have strong commitment not only to providing compensation, but also improving the quality of our clients’ lives. We will fight tooth and nail to achieve interim payments for our clients to facilitate their rehabilitation. We also have links with the national media and will bring to the presses attention deserving cases to fund raise for our clients.

Our clients have different needs, not all related to the litigation process. We also offer a holistic approach, which includes access to an independent living advice service and a range of leading brain and spinal injury case managers.

In order to achieve our objectives, we will:

  • Investigate liability very early
  • Apply for payments wherever possible to help fund private health care, rehabilitation and help with your financial security
  • Adopt an approach that takes into account any worries that you may have, such as dealing with financial needs, state benefits and asserting your employment and other rights
  • Obtain experts to assist our clients take up rehabilitation employment opportunities
  • Obtain specialist services such as personal injury trusts advice, financial planning, Wills, power of attorney and advice on periodical payments

We will also employ the appropriate receivers to look after your affairs with the Court of Protection

We will offer you ground breaking support and we understand how these injuries affect the quality of your life.

Making a Head Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered from a brain, head or skull injury and you believe it to be someone else’s fault, call London Accident Claims today for advice and information on making a claim for compensation. Our local solicitors will be pleased to advise you on the next steps for pursuing a claim, and guide you through the no win no fee process.

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