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In the construction industry, on building sites, in heavy and light industries, in factories and in warehouses, accidents occur every year that cause injuries to workers. Many of these industrial accidents could have been avoided, and the Health and Safety Executive works hard to enforce regulations and to improve the safety of workplaces. Industrial injuries are caused either through negligence, by accident or through incompetence.

Because of the varying types of industrial accidents, claims can be made for any number of injuries. For example, on building sites, debris or machinery could fall from scaffolding; a construction site accident could be caused by machinery or vehicles; in factories there’s the risk of accident by faulty machinery; and in warehouses there’s often the risk of tripping or getting hit by falling products – victims of any of these accidents could be entitled to claim compensation.

Other injuries/illnesses that could occur as a result of working in industry include:

Asbestosis, Industrial deafness, Chemical Injuries, Vibration White Finger, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Of course, in the majority of industrial situations, employees will be safe – with employers providing safety precautions to ensure this. It is in the vast minority of industrial workplaces that industry accidents occur, but this doesn’t make them any less serious.

Injuries can leave you out of work, losing out on earnings, as well as often resulting in long term health problems, such as in the case of asbestos exposure. And in the short term there’s the physical and mental pain endured, as well as medical bills from the cost of treatment and recovery.

Making a claim after an Industrial Accident

If you are unfortunate enough to have an industrial injury, you may have a claim for compensation. Your employers have to comply with many safety regulations in relation to your workplace, access to it, and the way that machinery and equipment has to be guarded, maintained and operated.

If you haven’t been informed of how to be safe in your workplace, safety precautions aren’t in place, or you are put in dangerous situations that you shouldn’t have been and you’ve suffered an injury, then you should consider claiming for industrial injury compensation. Aside from helping you get your life back on track, it will help encourage your employer to be less negligent in the future, ultimately reducing the chance of an industrial accident occurring again.

If your employer has been at fault by failing to comply with any of the regulations, or has failed in some way to take reasonable precautions for your safety, and your accident was caused completely or even in part by this fault or failure, you should get independent specialist advice about making an industrial injury claim.

By claiming compensation online or calling London Accident Claims on our free number you can be put in touch with a specialist solicitor for a free consultation about your industrial injury claim.

Factory Accidents

Employees in factories are entitled to just the same protection as any other employee. Any employer has a duty to comply with all the relevant statutory requirements and regulations about safe working practices and safe premises in which to work, or they could be liable for factory accident compensation claims.

Requirements include making sure that factory floors are clear of slippery substances like grease, which can cause slipping accidents. Floors must also be kept clear of obstructions, and tripping hazards, like discarded plastic wrapping bands and trailing cables.

Moving parts of machinery have to be safely guarded. Safety shoes and suitable gloves should be provided when there is a risk of foot injuries or injuries to the hands during the working process. Appropriate overalls should be provided if there is a danger of hot or toxic materials or liquids being scattered or splashed.

Other factory injuries could include industrial deafness; fork lift truck accidents; chemical spills; or falling machinery.

If you have suffered a factory accident, do not hesitate to claim online with London Accident Claims or call on the free phone number to get a free consultation for an experienced independent specialist.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites pose a large variety of risks, making the possibility of an accident quite high. Working with dangerous equipment, working around hazardous and unstable materials or simply putting your body through demanding work and strain could all lead to a construction accident.

Other dangers include working at height where materials can fall, failing to erect safety barriers as construction work progresses, hazards at ground level during ground works and heavy machinery and lifting procedures. All of these situations carry a degree of risk that needs to be addressed with special training and extra care to avoid a construction site accident.

Because of the different risks, your employer and site manager have responsibilities (or a ‘duty of care’) to provide correct, suitable and up to date safety equipment and advice. By neglecting this duty of care, they are running the risk of a construction accident claim, and also putting you in danger.

Safety regulations are the responsibility of the Government’s Health and Safety Commission, and are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They try to ensure that risks in the continually changing workplace, including construction sites, are properly managed to reduce the risk of accidents.

As well as these Governmental bodies, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work was set up in 1996 to make Europe’s work places safer, healthier and more productive.

Regulations put in place to help protect construction site workers include The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. A claim for construction compensation can also be influenced by Workers’ Compensation – a form of insurance that provides medical care for injured employees. London Accident Claims will take everything into consideration when looking into your construction accident claim for compensation.

Types of Construction Site Accident

It’s true that most accidents happen when moving around the workplace or walking across a construction site – surprising, considering the areas of risk on a site. To ensure that this isn’t due to an employee’s lack of concentration, it’s important to take regular breaks as prescribed by law. Many people may not realise that this is the case, yet it could be the difference between a construction site accident happening, or being avoided.

Faulty equipment can also be to blame for accidents and injuries on construction sites. The equipment manufacturers need to thoroughly test that equipment is safe before use, as a small defect could cause large problems. It is the responsibility of the employer to replace whatever equipment may have a fault.

Unfortunately, construction sites can also cause problems that you may not realise until later in life. Exposure to asbestos can cause cancer, and is potentially deadly – another reason to ensure correct equipment is used, the correct protective clothing is worn and the correct procedures are always adhered to.

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