Car Accidents and Whiplash

Whiplash claims have become associated with car accidents because so many people have suffered from this type of neck injury after a car accident.

Using a seat belt in a car means that in an impact, your body is stopped from being thrown forwards or sideways in a car accident. With the momentum of car accidents, head movement cannot be completely prevented, although a headrest may help.

What does whiplash mean?

Damage is caused to the neck if the head moves violently backwards and forwards, causing injury because of this “whiplash” effect. Sometimes these whiplash injuries are minor, and clear up quickly. But often the symptoms – pain and stiffness on moving the head, and perhaps headaches – can continue for long periods after the car accident.

Specialist solicitor advice is recommended, to make sure the medical report deals with your whiplash injuries properly and the right compensation is obtained for your car accident claim.

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