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Birth Injury Compensation

For most parents, giving birth is a happy time. However, there can be complications, and a birth injury to the mother or child can turn the experience of childbirth into an exhausting and harrowing ordeal, instead of the joyous occasion any parent would hope for.

Birth injury claims fall in to two categories, the first being an injury to the baby, the second being an injury to the mother during the pregnancy or birth.

We can help with either of these types of personal injury claim, specifically including birth injury claims such as Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy and Wrongful birth.

Typical claims resulting from an injury to the mother may include Perineal tears, Sepsis and Nerve damage.

Causes of Birth Injuries

There are many reasons why birth injuries may take place. Minor birth injuries such as swelling and bruises to the mother or child are very common and will generally heal naturally within a few weeks.

There are also a number of reasons why birth injuries or difficult births could take place despite nobody being at fault, such as when births are complicated by a baby being unusually large, being born prematurely or having an abnormal birthing presentation such as a breech delivery.

However, sometimes birth injuries can be attributed to mistakes made by doctors or other hospital staff. In these cases, it is important for parents to find out if they are eligible to claim for compensation.

What to Do Following a Birth Injury

In the aftermath of a birth injury, a compensation claim may not be the first thing on a parent’s mind, but the extra money can make it easier to get through the difficult period following a birth injury.

We have specialist birth injury solicitors across the UK who are able to help you make a case for compensation for a number of birth injury claims.

Not all types of injury will result in the possibility of making a birth injury claim; it will depend on questions such as: ‘was the injury avoidable?’, ‘was the standard of care high enough?’ and ‘did that specific action result in a birth injury?’.

Making a Birth Injury Claim

London Accident Claims have been helping people make compensation claims for over 20 years and have experience in dealing with a number of birth injury claims.

If you feel your midwife, nurse or doctor was in breach of their duty of care, resulting in an injury to you or your child, call us today for a non-obligation chat regarding birth injury claims.

So, if you feel you may have been a victim of clinical negligence, call our experts today to see if you can make a medical negligence claim.

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