Asbestos Compensation Claims

Do you suffer from asbestosis? You may be able to make an asbestosis compensation claim based upon the severity of your suffering. You can also claim for lost and future earnings, as well as for the cost of specialist care, which can be very expensive. A successful asbestosis personal injury claim can help to compensate for your suffering.

Asbestos remains Britain’s biggest workplace killer

The Health and Safety Executive(HSE) reports that Asbestos remains Britain’s biggest workplace killer, with approximately 4 plumbers,20 tradesmen,6 electricians,8 joiners dying every week from asbestos-related diseases. The HSE claim that more people die from asbestos related disease each year than on Britain’s road, however there is little government funding for medical research.

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles, which then cause aggravation and inflammation to the lung. Asbestos fibres cause scarring to the lung tissue and cause an immune response from the body, which is not effective against the asbestos fibres.

Because the immune system cannot digest the asbestos fibres, it leads to the body’s immune cells forming a mass in the lungs, leading to reduced air transfer from the lungs to the blood. This has the further consequence of a reduced lung capacity, which can lead to a heart attack. Unfortunately, if you have asbestosis you are also much more likely to develop lung cancer in later years.

When diagnosing asbestosis, it’s important to be able to distinguish it from the conditions of lung cancer and mesothelioma, which have similar symptoms. Mesothelioma, a form of cancer also induced by inhaling asbestos, is different to asbestosis as it can be caused by large or small quantities of asbestos. Asbestosis is generally caused by long term exposure to asbestos.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, usually gained from serpentine rocks or amphiboles. Russia was the largest producer of asbestos before it was banned. It was used in many areas of industry between the end of the Second World War and 1999. These days, old buildings that still have asbestos insulated walls can still be a problem.

Asbestos – Occupational Hazard

In particular, professions such as miners, garage workers, plumbers and builders are often affected by asbestosis due to their frequent contact with the material. Asbestosis is therefore often referred to as an occupational lung disease.

Because you might contract asbestosis due to your profession, if you can prove that your employer was at fault when you were working with asbestos then you may have a good case for an asbestosis claim. If the asbestosis was then to develop over time, for example into mesothelioma, you may then find you have to claim again using a specialist personal injury lawyer.

Symptoms of Asbestosis

Symptoms of asbestosis primarily include the slow onset of shortness of breath. It can also include tightness of the chest and chest pain. Usually, coughing isn’t a symptom associated with asbestosis, unless there are other conditions relevant to the sufferer.

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